Monthly archive for October 2017

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder impacts you, but you don’t know it

As a foster mother to children with FASD, Nora Boesem has seen the effects of alcohol first hand. However, FASD often goes undiagnosed and is creating a burden on us all. Nora Boesem and her husband began fostering in 2011 and have fostered over 100 children for the state ofRead more

Loving Someone with FASD

This is just a brief introduction to FASD based on Fuchsia Fables' own personal experience and understanding which just touches the tip of the iceberg of a very complex issue. Every child is unique and while some experiences may be shared, others may be completely different. Symptoms can vary but the brainRead more

My Adult FASD Diagnosis: Clarity for a Man and his Mom

Reinier deSmit tells his story of living with FASD for over 56 years - but was only recently diagnosed. It's a powerful and personal insight into an adult who comes to realize he may be living with FASD - and how that brings clarity and freedom to himself and toRead more