In a recent post, we introduced you to Jeff Noble who shared a powerful personal story of hope. We have another similar story to share today!

Jeff is a helper, a leader and an innovator. His focus is FASD, but his expertise is building community through social media. Using an interactive, yet personal approach, Jeff delivers relevant, useful and need-to-know information to help and support front line workers, educators and caregivers of those living with FASD.

This time with the help of the Canada FASD Research Network (CanFASD), Jeff shared clips of three conversations he had with three adults living with FASD. This is the first of those clips with Blair Charters.


Jeff shared these clips in his weekly e-newsletter, with this personal note:

Well, hello there!

Jeff here – I hope you enjoyed those success stories
I shared with you last week. From the feedback I got,
it sure sounded like it.

Well, I don’t want the success train to stop there.
I just received some videos that are hot off the press

Along my journey last year, I made a stop over at
the National FASD conference in Calgary, Alberta.
While there, I had the honor to interview three
adults with FASD.

CanFASD just had them edited and they are freaking
awesome! So, check them out! Watch all three and let
me know if you notice a theme to their success.

We all can agree that some days are harder and more
bleak than others, but here are just a few examples
of all the awesomeness happening out there:

A big thank you goes out to CanFASD for giving me the opportunity
to talk and connect with these amazing people.



Like his past conversations, this story is such an amazing of hope that we wanted to include it here in our online directory. We thank Jeff and Blair for sharing it with us.

Credit / Sources

This video was developed and released by CanFASD.  It was shared recently with a e-newsletter blog from Jeff Noble, owner and operator of FASD Forever.

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