New Hampshire Mothers Struggling With Opioid Addiction Fight To Keep Their Children

  Jillian Broomstein starts to cry when she talks about the day her newborn son Jeremy was taken from her by New Hampshire's child welfare agency. He was 2 weeks old. "They came into the house and said they would have to place him in foster care and I wouldRead more

NOFAS Opposes Criminalizing Alcohol Use by Pregnant Women

NOFAS opposes any law or policy that would impose a criminal penalty on pregnant women for drinking alcohol. Alcohol use during pregnancy is a serious problem, yet criminalization is not a solution. (Note: Indiana NOFAS is an affiliate of NOFAS, the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). Criminalizing alcohol use duringRead more

Programs seek to help pregnant women with addictions

As the Deschutes County jail transport van crested the Cascades and descended toward Redmond, Michelle Winter felt heartbroken. Her son was nearly 5 years old, her daughter 2. They barely knew her. She had used drugs throughout their lives. She got high through both of her pregnancies. Her mother hadRead more