Rachel Jackson talks about living with FASD
Our young friend Rachel Jackson was urged by her teachers to write her truth without worrying about spelling and grammar. The piece is powerful, an insight into her beautiful soul. Thank you Rachel for being a young leader and helping others by raising awareness about FASD! [NOFAS-UK]

Hi my name is Rachel Jackson
I’m going to tell you about ,
FASD so lets get started I am
Gust one of the million
Children with this problem ,
It’s hard with this condishon
As you can see I have problem
With, speling and sleep problem
And lerning getting a long
With people, so are brane is
Like a messe filing cabnet
And I all was in troboll
At school Becaese
Thay din not now adout fasd,
And that’s not all
.hear defects
.liver problems
.poor immune systems
.speech & language delays
.memory problems
.sleep problem
.inapporpriate social behaviour
You may not get to help me but you can help children in the fucher so pleas don’t
Drenk throw pregnasey so children have less risck of having FASD in medway so tack it from my ponte of vow and young ,
People and are mor lickley to die around 30 with no sport lets get that sport out there and if I din’t have thes amazing
People I wade not got this fare so in
Joy your night and get the number boune
Thank you for your time to reade this
It’s reley means a
Lot to me .

By Rachel Jackson

Credit / Sources

This clip is from Rachel Jackson’s YouTube channel “MylifewithFASD Jackson

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