If a woman is pregnant or could become pregnant,
she should abstain from drinking alcohol. #justsoyouknow

Simply put, drinking & pregnancy do not mix! #justsoyouknow

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Wondering About Your Drinking?

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Just So You Know

Based on the current, best science available, we now know:

  • Alcohol consumed during pregnancy increases the risk of alcohol related birth defects, including growth deficiencies, facial abnormalities, central nervous system or brain impairment, behavioral disorders, and impaired intellectual development.
  • No amount of alcohol consumption can be considered safe during pregnancy.
  • Alcohol can damage a developing baby at any stage of pregnancy.  Damage can occur in the earliest weeks of pregnancy, even before a woman knows that she is pregnant.
  • The cognitive deficits and behavioral problems resulting from prenatal alcohol exposure are life long.
  • Alcohol related birth defects are completely preventable.

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