There is NO 100% safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy.

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Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: The Latest News

We’re here to provide a personal perspective, the latest recommendations, and the science-based facts about the risk of prenatal alcohol exposure.

We also maintain a Resource Directory of articles, research, training and other information. This directory also contains contact information for support services, programs and organizations related to FASD including health care providers and clinics.

Parents’ Perspective on Diagnosis

There are days in every person's life they will never forget. For some parents, that day is the day their child was diagnosed with a disability. In this video, two mothers share their memories of the day they received their child's diagnosis and the impact of that day. Watch asRead more

Picture This: Life as a Parent of Children with FASD

Credit / Sources A Photovoice Project that brought mothers together to talk about their experiences in caring for children with FASD. What is FASD? Check Out Our FASD Resource Directory Drinking & PregnancyRead more


FASD THINK TANK: 101 HOLIDAY STRATEGIES FOR FETAL ALCOHOL SPECTRUM DISORDERS SUPPORTING YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY Over 100 Holiday Strategies  for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Supporting yourself and your family Holidays are a tough time for our kids. We may place pressure on ourselves to try to make holidays perfect. WhatRead more

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