School psychologists and school counselors are key players in the success of students who are experiencing learning challenges. With connections to classroom teachers, parents and other primary caregivers; evaluative tools and skills; and influence on the child’s educational programming, you are in a unique position to put solutions into place.

This booklet addresses Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). FASD is an umbrella term that encompasses several conditions resulting from maternal alcohol use during pregnancy. Children with FASD often test with normal intelligence, appear normal, and speak fluently. Yet, they have permanent brain damage that impacts their social interactions and ability to learn. Individualized interventions and strategies that accommodate their differences are vital to the success of these students.

To better illustrate the range and complexity of children with an FASD, we will use three case examples, described below. We will revisit these children while they undergo evaluation and testing, and again when appropriate strategies have been identified and implemented.

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This booklet is from the Council on Children and Families in New York, USA. Click to view or save a PDF of this article.

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